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Online learning system


Education and business online learning system

Develop your learners by delivering your courses anywhere, anytime!

Training Providers

From selling courses online to continued education providers, our online learning system gives you the resouces.


Provide your courses online. Give your students access to distance learning, mentoring and monitoring.

Helping You Achieve Success

Deliver your courses the simple way

With our Online learning system you have more control over your learners and courses.  Grouping users, altering progression, clearing data, student achievements, restrticted course access – all with simple administration!

Simple course builder?

learner private tutoring?

Comprehensive student progress reporting?

Deliver course exams and assignments?

Course Builder

Course Builder allows you to easily create (and re-use) multi-layer courses.

Private sessions

Communicate ideas, share files, and give your learners direct, actionable feedback!

Course reporting

Tutors can to drill down on learning activities across courses and each student.

Mobile Compatible

Courses can be taken “on-the-go” on tablets, smartphones, and mobile devices.

Online learning system
Who is our LMS for?

Built to fit around your training needs our LMS can be tailored to work with your current course material. An idea solution whether you provide inhouse staff training or online courses.

We offer the option of us to brand, configure and deliver your program, with you simply providing the course content.

Expire Access
Allow learners to have indefinite access to your courses, or you can expire access after a certain amount of time. This is a perfect way to encourage re-certifications and renewals from your learners.
Use Any Media

You can use literally any type of media for course content, including:

  • Images
  • Videos (self-hosted, or on platforms like YouTube & Vimeo)
  • Audio files
  • SWF files (from rapid e-learning platforms like Articulate & Captivate)
  • HTML5
  • And more!
Drip-Feed Content
Deliver all your lessons all at once, or choose to drip-feed (schedule) them over a specified amount of time resulting in a guided learning experience. You have two primary options for scheduling your lessons:

“X Days” after enrollment
Specific Date

Lesson Timers
Don’t want your learners skipping ahead? You can prevent them from moving through your courses too quickly by simply setting a Lesson Timer. When the clock reaches “zero”, learners are then permitted to move onto the next Lesson.
Dynamic Forums
Encourage course conversation among learners by adding a course specific forum to your courses and limit participation to only those who are enrolled into the course.

Reload IT Ltd

Reload IT specialise in web and data solutions providing support for your business and employees. Data conversion, data processing and online systems.

We advise on the best practice to ultiise your equipment and systems, combining your business with your technology services to give an active focus on how best to use your IT in achieving your business objectives.

Online Learner Resources

Course Groups

Organise your learners the way you want by placing them into course Groups. Assign a Group Leader who can manage their progress and performance.

User profiles

learners can see which courses they can access, their progress and performance.  As the admin, you can quickly and easily manage your users.

Assignment management

Require that your learners submit assignments at different parts of your course. Assignments can be required at the Lesson level and the unit level.

Allow your students and employees to study when and where they want.

Organising business training can be costly in both time and productivity. 

Minimise classroom time by providing your courses online. You can monitor, supervise and tutor your learners at a time which is both convenient for them and your company. 

Built in reporting gives you the ability to monitor the lesson and unit completion activity of your learners, ensuring that all lesson material provided has been completed before moving on to the next.


If you want to know more about how a custom LMS can deliver your course material, get in touch below!!